48-Hour Asbestos Testing Melbourne

48-Hour Asbestos Testing Melbourne

Asbestos Testing Melbourne

If you need an answer quickly, Greenlight offers a fast 48-hour asbestos testing service for Melbourne Metro including:

  • Sample collection by a licensed asbestos assessor;
  • NATA accredited laboratory analysis;
  • Documented location details with photos;
  • Extents noted in square metres;
  • Condition of material assessed including friability; and
  • Recommendations for any further actions, if needed.

We are always happy to discuss your site or project and answer questions in detail on 1300 888 001 or you can send us an email at info@greenlightservices.com.au.


Melbourne Metro – 350.00 + GST including the collection of up to two samples analysed in a NATA accredited laboratory. Reporting provided by COB next business day. Additional samples are available for 80.00 + GST per sample.

Outside Melbourne Metro – add 160.00 + GST for each hour of driving from your property address to the outskirts of Melbourne Metro. Services as above.

Weekend or out of hours work – 50% surcharge to the above pricing.

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How Soon Can We Get Asbestos Testing Results?

There are many materials for which our licensed asbestos assessors will be able to provide an answer for you with a visual inspection. In these cases, we will nonetheless get you laboratory confirmation of our findings in these cases within 48-hours after verbally advising you of the likely outcome. For other materials, such as vinyl tiles and putty, we will need the lab to confirm results.

It’s best to be patient in these situations, restrict any areas of concern (if the materials have been disturbed) and wait for a result. Depending on the time of inspection we may have an answer for you on the same day.

Can We Collect Samples Ourselves?

Yes, you can, and if you would like to do that, give us a call first on 1300 888 001. We will go over the correct safety procedures to take the sample. Before you do this, you should first consider the following:

  • You will likely need to go and get some equipment first such as a P2 mask;
  • If you don’t apply appropriate controls, you will put yourself or others at risk of asbestos exposure;
  • Friable asbestos material (soft, crumbly) should always be sampled by a professional;
  • You will have to transport the sample to the lab who will have higher charges for people that walk in off the street than for their regular clients; and
  • You will have no documentation of the materials location, extent, condition or any further actions needed.

If you’re in Melbourne, take advantage of our professional asbestos testing service. This is great value compared to the costs and time involved in doing it yourself. As an added plus you’ll know the job is done safely and without possible contamination of the samples.

How are Samples Tested for Asbestos?

First, we have a licensed asbestos assessor visually review the materials. We note down the extent in square metres, condition and the surface treatment of the material. We take photos showing the extent of the material and any access concerns for removals if needed. This information is very important to any next steps if they are needed.

We then safely collect a sample from a discreet location causing minimal damage. Sample locations are sealed either with PVA Glue or putty. The samples are then transported to a NATA accredited laboratory under a chain of custody and analysed by polarised light microscopy and dispersion staining techniques.

Because of the amount of samples we have regularly tested, we will have a result for you as soon as possible (within 48-hours). We will call you as soon as the results come in and then prepare your report with photos and recommendations if needed.

Can We Have Asbestos Testing for an Entire Workplace?

If you own, manage or lease a workplace in Melbourne or Victoria, there are laws and regulations that require you to have the workplace tested for asbestos. A larger-scale test such as this is called an asbestos survey and the resulting document is called an asbestos register. This document is legally required to be on-site at every place of work. There are many workplaces that do not have this document in place and whose managers are unaware of the legal requirement. There are hefty fines for non-compliance from Work Safe Victoria, make sure you have this document in place and updated every 5 years.

Greenlight is a trusted provider of asbestos registers for workplaces throughout Victoria. Our clients consist of businesses of all shapes and sizes from industrial warehouses, to school campuses down to individual shops. We can have your essential asbestos compliance documents ready within a week.

It is important not to engage an asbestos removalist or a generalist building inspection company to do these works due to their conflict of interest, lack of training and credentials and poor-quality reporting. Make sure your workplace compliance documents are prepared by a qualified occupational hygiene company such as Greenlight.

Our Process

After you make your booking, we’ll have our first available consultant come out to your site to safely collect samples and take notes on extents and condition of the materials. The samples will be transported to a NATA accredited laboratory under a chain of custody. Your report will then be ready within 48-hours. You can pay instantly online with your booking or pay later following our site visit.

Make a Booking or call us on 1300 888 001 and book asbestos testing for your Melbourne property today.

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