Asbestos Management Plan

Asbestos Management Plan

If you own, lease or manage a workplace, you are required to have an asbestos management plan for the site by law. The first step is to have the workplace surveyed for asbestos by a qualified company such as Greenlight.

We can then prepare a plan for the site including all compliance essentials and some useful tools for managing any asbestos items we identify.

Choosing Greenlight for these works will put you in safe hands, your compliance documents will be of a high standard, won’t cost the earth and we will be on-hand to assist you with any existing or future issues on your site.

We are always happy to talk over your worksite and answer questions in detail on 03 9048 4411.

What is an Asbestos Management Plan?

An asbestos management plan is a document that details the particular concerns on your site and responsibilities of the different people or groups that may potentially disturb the materials. The plan should include:

  • Any particular asbestos management issues for your site;
  • The hierarchy of control and obligations of individuals;
  • The responsibilities of contractors working on the site;
  • Some general guidelines for asbestos removal works;
  • Procedures to be followed for works associated with asbestos (e.g. drilling);
  • Site management tools such as sign-on registers and a place for record-keeping of any changes to the asbestos register; and
  • Asbestos Emergency Procedures.

The plan should also include the asbestos register for the site as an appendix giving you one cohesive asbestos compliance document.

Asbestos Management Plan Template (and why not to use one)

There are templates available online from other companies that you may consider using so long as someone in your company is suitably qualified to do this for you. Before you go down that road though, first consider this:

  • A template purchased online will typically cost around $400 + GST;
  • The currently available templates for sale do not comply with Victorian regulations; and
  • You will have a lot of work to do before it’s ready – set aside a couple of days, you’ll need it.

Having your asbestos management plan prepared professionally is less hassle and represents tremendous value compared to the costs and time involved in doing it yourself. For smaller sites, it will likely cost less than a template bought online.

To save time, money and for safety, we recommend using our professional asbestos management plan service.

How much is an Asbestos Management Plan?

If you have Greenlight carry out the asbestos audit and supply a register for your site, we can prepare a management plan for the site for a low fee of 500.00 +GST. This will:

  • Save you time, effort and money;
  • Be compliant with the relevant laws and regulations that apply to your particular location (i.e. Victoria);
  • Be prepared by a trained and qualified hazardous material professional; and
  • The plan will contain the Greenlight asbestos register as an appendix, so you have one cohesive compliance document for your site.

If you already have a register, Greenlight can review the document and supply an Asbestos Management Plan for your site. The price will depend on the size of your site, just send us a copy of your register and we will send you a quote for the plan within 48-hours.

Who is responsible for providing the Asbestos Management Plan?

In most cases, the owner of a workplace is the particular person responsible for supplying an Asbestos Management Plan. There are special cases where the tenant may be responsible if, for example, they are able to make structural changes to a property without the permission of the owner. A property manager such as an estate agent or body corporate manager may be considered by Work Safe to be jointly responsible for supplying the management plan to a particular property. And by “responsible” we mean that these people or companies may be subject to fines and improvement notices by the regulatory authority for non-compliance if there is no asbestos plan for a property.

What are the costs of non-compliance?

Fines for companies without an asbestos management plan in place for their properties can be up to $30,000.00 per asset. For properties owned or managed by an individual rather than a company, fines can be up to $6,000 per asset. In most cases, the regulatory authority would first give you a window of time to comply with the regulations before applying fines, however, there is no guarantee of this.

Why choose Greenlight?

Greenlight provides a friendly and professional service with a focus on effective communication. We will deliver more than just compliance for your company. We will also talk through any issues with you on the phone or in-person and make sure that you understand what is needed from you or your team going forward.

If there are further actions needed, we will highlight these to you and be there to offer assistance with our bulwark of vetted and reliable contractors. If any issues crop up in future, we are on-hand to assist and when the time comes for your site to be re-inspected (required every five years) we will call you ahead of time and arrange the inspection.

For your asbestos management plan compliant with Victorian regulations, request fast 48-hour pricing on-line or call us on 03 9048 4411 today.

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