Asbestos Clearance Certificate

Asbestos Clearance Certificate

Asbestos Clearance Certificates Melbourne

Greenlight is a trusted provider of asbestos clearance certificates for removalists, demolition and refurbishment companies and businesses throughout Melbourne. If asbestos removal is something that happens regularly for your projects, then you need a reliable supplier of independent asbestos clearance inspections with high quality and legally compliant reporting.

Greenlight also offers control and clearance asbestos air monitoring for low-cost package rates.

Many companies provide single page, non-compliant asbestos clearance certificates that will not hold up to legal scrutiny or to the standards required of an occupational hygiene investigation. Make sure your inspection is carried out by a trained, qualified and licensed professional – call us today on 03 9048 4411.

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What is an Asbestos Clearance Certificate?

An asbestos clearance certificate is a document that details an independent clearance inspection following asbestos removal works. The inspection is ‘independent’ in that it must be carried out by a company with no contractual or financial relationship with the asbestos removalist company.

For friable asbestos removals, the clearance inspection must include air monitoring within the removal area prior to a clearance certificate being issued.

When is an Asbestos Clearance Certificate Required?

In Melbourne and Victoria, an Asbestos Clearance Certificate is required in any of these circumstances:

  • Following Bonded asbestos removal works greater than 10 square metres;
  • Following any friable asbestos removal works (must also include air monitoring during and following asbestos removal works);
  • Prior to the demolition of any building. This must be preceded by an investigation of the building for asbestos with an asbestos register documented for the building and the removal of all asbestos materials;
  • As part of a development application as may be required by your local council. This must also be preceded by an asbestos survey for the building and may require the removal of asbestos materials that will be disturbed by your planned works.

Who Can Issue an Asbestos Clearance Certificate?

In Victoria or Melbourne, a ‘competent person’ must carry out clearance inspections which is someone with sufficient training and experience to identify the relevant hazards. There are examples in the industry of unqualified people issuing clearance certificates. As a minimum, ensure that your inspector has, as a minimum:

  • A tertiary qualification in science, engineering or occupational hygiene;
  • Works for an occupational hygiene company such as Greenlight;
  • Is not a former or current asbestos removalist; and ideally,
  • Has been issued with an asbestos assessors license by one of the states (note: currently Victoria does not issue asbestos assessors licenses, however, all other states do).

If the inspector has been issued with a license, then their competence has been independently vetted by Work Safe based on a review of their past work and qualifications.

The asbestos clearance certificate should clearly state the qualifications of the inspector towards the front of the document. If this is not stated, the person may not be regarded as competent and the document itself is non-compliant.

Why Choose Greenlight?

Choosing Greenlight for your clearance certificates will have the following benefits:

  • Receive a report on the same day as the clearance;
  • Qualified independent inspections by tertiary qualified assessors;
  • Service areas include all of Melbourne Metro, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula. Pricing for regional Victoria can be provided on request;
  • Industry competitive rates;
  • Air Monitoring for control or clearances available (NATA accredited testing);
  • Quality control on your works maintained – particularly over time working and speaking with your removalists: we focus on effective communication with workers so that the standard needed is achieved and maintained;
  • Troubleshooting and conflict resolution: we are experienced at resolving multi-stakeholder concerns through meetings and effective communication. We have extensive experience at resolving any concerns of Work Safe Victoria;
  • A professional on-site occupational hygiene presence: if there are stakeholders that need to be communicated with or reassured such as neighbouring properties and businesses; and
  • Greenlight is a professional presence adding confidence to others of the safety of works carried out.

Training & Qualifications

Our inspection team are trained and qualified to meet the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and Work Safe regulations 2017. All consultants are

  • Tertiary qualified in either science, engineering or occupational hygiene;
  • Members of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists; and
  • Members of the Safety Institute of Australia.

If needed, Greenlight can also carry out control or clearance air monitoring with samples analysed in a NATA accredited laboratory.

For our regular clients, we have industry competitive rates. Greenlight can also provide Division 6 Asbestos Audits and we have a 48-hour asbestos testing service available with couriers provided or samples collected as needed. Regional Victorian projects are covered by our comprehensive service.

Make a Booking or call us on 03 9048 4411 and book in your asbestos clearance certificate in Melbourne or Victoria today.

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